My Zelda Arcade Cabinet

  • Hello everyone,

    thanks to your wonderfull project which is recalbox, and thanks to the community, I was able to get enough motivation to build my own arcade cabinet. I chose Zelda theme and I was inspired by Phrazelle :

    My father and I worked on it since last year. here are few pictures about this :



















    2_1553342574047_20190207_1337131.jpg !

    1_1553342574046_20190130_1817481.jpg !






    I used 2 usb encoders hosting 12 buttons each (necessary to play N64 or PSX games even if sometimes I agree that it's not easy)

    I used the next level theme which I reviewed for the buttons configuration so I customized it for each emulator. example with N64 :


    So player can see this during the game selection list for N64 here and it makes things easyer before starting a game 🙂

    The speakers are on the sides since I used some nice ones dedicated for cars at the beginning and it was too big to place them on the top corners of the screen on the square panel.

    since I only had 4 USB ports on the PI3, I used 2 of them for the encoders, 1 for a usb key for my games and configurations and a last one for a nice keyboard with touchpad included. this keyboard is hidden on the bottom part and is very nice to play games like ScummVM, MSDOS and some others. that means I didn't convert the sound to USB but I let it in jack. maybe not the best choice ever but the sound quality is good enough for me actually. I'm using a potentiometer which is on the top left corner of the main board to adapt the sound :


    It's the first time i'm working on a project like this without any specific skills (some in programming a bit but that's it) so it's not perfect but I like it how it is actually :-). i felet a lack of skill especially in electronic stuff. With some more knowledges I think I would have been able to do much better.

    For the sticker, I took some pictures from internet and I pasted them in order to build some nice designs with filters. I used GIMP for all of them. there are 3 of them I just found on internet and didn't change at all cause they were already nice to me.

    I hope you will appreciate it 🙂

    I wanted to thanks everyone who participated in the recalbox project, and also a lot of people from the community who helped me a lot to make my arcade cabinet done.
    Special thanks to :

    @abunille for his help to my mapping issues I had with NES and ScummVM
    @Norde for his help to modify the theme and add my own button configuration mapping
    @Gaetan for his wonderful theme i'm using here.(great job !)
    @Substring & @acris for their help to optimise PSP games
    al programmers/developpers for Recalbox

    Thanks everyone


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    @minouch said in My Zelda Arcade Cabinet:

    I used 2 usb encoders hosting 12 buttons each (necessary to play N64 or PSX games even if sometimes I agree that it's not easy)

    Which encoders are you using ?

  • Nice work 😄

    Here is a beautiful arcade cabinet, congrats!

    Happy to have been able to help (a little bit) 😉

  • Global moderator

    Hi, very nice cabinet and great design. Have a lot of fun with it 🐵

  • @voljega I was not able to double check the référence but here is a picture about the one I'm using :
    and here is the amazon link for the kit I purchased : link.
    They are working perfectly with recalbox and allow to host up to 12 buttons / player

    @Norde Thanks :p. actually you told me what I needed to hear to unlock the situation. I'm just not really confident with themes values. I just tried different numbers and crossed my fingers so the design is at the good place :D. I had few tries before I got it like I wanted.

    @Scavy Thanks a lot :-). really appreciate. I'm having a lot of fun yes. (especially when I see my wife falling down everytime in the same hole in mario 3...) She will never learn I suppose.

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    @minouch also thanx 4 the link for the encoders. A little question, they are connected to different USB ports or on the same with a USB hub ? My own cabinet is in progress 🙂

  • @scavy hi scavy. They are using 2 native usb pprts of the raspberry. Then one usb port is used for the keyboard and the last one is used for my usb key containing games and config files

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