Can't boot on PC...

  • Hello everyone. Having an odd problem with Recalbox on a "new" PC I'm trying to set it up on.

    I got this PC from a friend - it's an Intel i5 quad-core 3.5GHz with 8GB of DDR3 RAM. We decided to use Recalbox to make it into a media server/arcade cabinet, but it simply will not boot Recalbox.

    Any other Linux distro I try loads fine. But the x86/x64 Recalbox just sits on the "booting Recalbox" screen.

    I am booting off a flash drive as the PC currently has no hard drive or SSD(we will be getting those after I've learned how to work Recalbox a bit better).

    I've no idea what to do from here. I've tried looking up other threads, but I've not found any that are stuck in the same way mine is, and I've been unable to follow the advice of those threads as a result

    Any help would be appreciated.

    EDIT: Almost forgot. I have tried other Linux distros, of both general OS like Debian and Ubuntu to media center and arcade specific things. All of them boot just fine - Recalbox is the only one I've tried that gets stuck.

    EDIT 2: I am derp. Originally said 6-core on that CPU. It's a quad core - the overall performance is similar to my old AMD 6-core so I got my brain wires crossed while typing. Specs should be properly listed now.


    By disconnecting the graphics card(Radeon R9 380) and plugging the HDMI cable into the onboard HDMI port, it now boots. From every other test I've done, I can find no reason why the graphics card should be causing this trouble - it appears to be fully functional. I know the GPU isn't exactly NECESSARY for what I'm trying to do here, but I'm of the opinion of any stress we can relieve from the CPU is helpful, so if there's a way to get things running with the GPU, I'm all ears.

    Erm...Eyes, rather, since we're on a text-based forum.

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    @formulafox Have you tried the BETA version? It is more compatible with the video card drivers, in general:

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