Use an exercise bicycle as gamepad in Recalbox

  • Hi community,

    I have a pi with recalbox directly in front of an exercise bicycle and I am considering to do some kind of hack in order to use the exercise bicycle as a gamepad. I saw this concept in the videogame museum in Berlin, where they have a Reebok Cyber Rider attached to some console playing a racing game. This is a really cool idea, improving your health while you play.

    The cyberrider seems to be sold out and deprecated since a long time. The closest information that I found in internet for building your own one is this article:

    But for me it is still a bit too complicated and I don't know if it would really work.

    Do you know if there is another easier solution? I think it would be okey if every spin presses / keeps pressed, let's say, the X button, and then maybe build 2 small buttons on the bike to steer left and right, like in the cyber rider. If you still don't know it, give it a try in the videogame museum!

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    @tonificante I have not seen anything like it before, I do not believe that you'll find an easier tutorial than the one you mentioned, it's a very interesting project, but quite unusual.

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