How to exit games when hotkey binded to the coin door?

  • Hi, i built a mame cabinet but the hotkey binded to the coin door key. I can change it through the retroarch menu but it doesnt save. What should i do now?

  • You could put a parallel switch to your coin door to perform the hotkey function (obviously it will work as a coin switch too). You gave not enough information anyway, are you connecting your buttons/stick/coin door to an external encoder or gpio pins? If you're using the first one, simply pick an unused connector (hoping you have one at least), plug a new button to it, go to controller config in emulationstation and bind all your controls. If you are using gpio header I'm not sure, but there should be an hotkey pin that is not the select / coin one.
    I've used it for fast shutdown via script before. In case it doesn't work then I think the first solution should work fine.

  • Forgot to say: if you wish just to save your config you have to enable the "save config on exit" option in retroarch menu. Can't remember where it is located, but it should be easy to find it.

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