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  • As by the title, I'm totally new to Recalbox and Raspberry.
    I own a RB3+, burnt and verified the Recalbox image with the Etcher tool as a described in the main site, on a Samsung 64GB microsd, then put on the system and found that won't boot, the little RB only stood still flashing with the red led.
    I tried to format the 64GB sd in FAT32, but obviously Etcher then overrides the formatting.
    On the SD i can see that two partitions were created: a boot one and a data partition with a file system that I could not access from Windows.
    The doubt I have is that the 64GB SD can some how be the problem, as soon as I also installed NOOBS and created a multiboot, where Raspbian boots, the media player boots and Lakka has the exact same behaviour as Recalbox has.
    Any help? Is there a way to make an installation without burning the whole image? And anyway is the 64GB really a problem or the problem lies somewhere else?
    Thank you.

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  • Thanks, I'll try. Is there something specific about this problem that is fixed in the new version?

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