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Wii - Gamecube : Games Lagging.

  • Hi! So i've made a Recalbox using an old laptop from 2015. Everything works fine, all the consoles work at a steady 60 fps. But Wii and Gamecube games are unplayable. I have audio stuttering, bad fps (around 25 - 30), general lag. I want to know if there is a way to improve the performance of these games, becouse my computer is not that bad, i played AAA titles with it and no stutter and no lag. Am i missing something? Help!

    I'll copy here the specs of my laptop :

    Intel core-i7 3770
    Nvidia Geforce gt 640m with 2Gb
    8 Gb of DDR3 ram
    1 Tb of HDD

    the display is 1366x768 pixels

  • Staff

    hi @triah_ I advise you to test this version that supports NVIDIA proprietary drivers

  • Thanks for help! But unfortunately it didn't work... well i can't even play anything, becouse when i load it up, the main menu of the Recalbox is veeeeeeeery slow, like 2 fps. I downloaded it again and reflashed with Etcher, but it didn't also work.

    am i missing some installation steps for this particular version of recalbox?

  • Staff

    @triah_ the new version does all the work automatically, however, it has problems with share and other recordings on a usb support
    I recommend you to flash this version with a hard disk and then put it in place of the internal hard disk
    it's not very practical but you can be sure that it will work

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