Odroid h2 does not start Recalbox

  • Hello I'm trying to get Recalbox up and running on an Odroid H2 Unfortunately, he does not boot Recalbox.
    Have it then tried with Batocera and there was the same problem in the forum but then I could help one with the answer:

    Just download from my site this alternate Uefi boot loader http://zclub.eu/Efi.zip and delete all the files in the
    SD Card folder /boot/efi/ and replace them with the new unpacked files.

    That also worked great and Batocera has started unfortunately I am not so happy with the Batocera.
    Is there not synonymous for Recalbox an alternate Uefi boot what I then then in the / boot / efi / can copy.

    Her still a link to the forum at Batocera to the entertainment.

    I hope someone can help me

  • There is no solution ?? 😞

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    @modro maybe @strodown or @Bkg2k could have an idea ...

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    @modro As far as I know, Recalbox is not yet compatible with Odroid h2, and I have not found a BETA related to it, so I do not think it's on the developers list (I'm not sure, but that's what I think).

    There is no reason to compare Recalbox with Batocera, they are different systems, they are different teams, and it is not because something works in one that will necessarily work in the same way in another. Post a link from the Batocera Forum, in the Recalbox Forum, it does not sound good ... It's like "wanting to incite a fight" ...

    I think you'll have to modify some files on your own, that's probably what the user who passed you the modified files did (see this link: https://forum.recalbox.com/topic/15586/odroid-h2-new-beast).

    The cost benefit of this board is not so good, so few people bought it, I believe that is why the Recalbox team will not invest time in something so specific.

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    @zing H2 is based on x86 it is not that specific

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    @voljega But is not there a question of drivers involved? Even though, if that were not the issue, it would only use the x86 version.
    I understand it is not so specific, but from what I read, I figured there is a need for a specific version due to the specific drivers.
    If I'm mistaken, please ignore what I said.

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    @zing yep, it will more be an issue of drivers (and linux kernel I suppose) than anything else.
    What I meant is that, contrary to arm board it doesn't require any porting or specific development, at least theorically, and has a better chance of beeing supported by recalbox one day than any arm board

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