[How-To] Batch process PSX images with multiple BINs per CD

  • Hey there,

    when making backups of my old Playstation-CDs, some ended to have multiple bins. As I did not want to click my fingers sore, I looked for a solution to batch process them.

    I found a solution, that uses MAME's chdman.exe to convert the multi-bin to a chd Image, first, and then the chd to a single-bin. Might not be the most elegant way - but it works.

    First you need chdman.exe, then paste the script below in your favorite text editor, change it as required, save it as cmd- or bat-file. Run it and watch it do the work for you.

    Have fun!

    @REM Multi-BIN Batch conversion script for chdman
    @REM 2019-01-29 by The_Mole for forum.recalbox.com
    @REM Requires chdman.exe in the image-sourcepath
    @REM Switch off unneccessary output
    @ECHO off 
    REM Clear the screen
    REM Let's SET the different folders
    REM Here you SET the source path, where your multi-bin CD-images are. Subdirectories are supported.
    SET sourcepath="X:\PSX_Multibin_Images"
    REM Here you SET a path for the intermediate chd file. %TEMP refers to the Windows standard Temp-Folder.
    REM If you convert a larger batch you may want to conserve writes on your system-SSD and use a ramdisk or HDD, instead.
    SET workpath=%TEMP%
    REM Here you SET your output directory, where you want your single-bin CD-images to be stored.
    REM If you SET it to your source path, your cue-files will be overwritten.
    SET destpath="X:\PSX_Converted_Images"
    REM This is a safety catch to make sure, you edit the file, before running it.
    REM Put a rem-command before the line below to unlock the script.
    GOTO idiotfilter
    REM Here we start the loop: For every cue-file in %sourcepath% and its subdirectories execute the commands inside the bracket
    FOR /R "%sourcepath%" %%R IN (*.cue) DO ( 
    REM Print an empty line 
    REM Print a status message. %%~nR refers to the filename of the cue-file WITHOUT extension
    ECHO ### Converting %%~nR to chd ###
    REM Create the chd-Image. %%R refers to the cue-file WITH extension,
    %sourcepath%\chdman.exe createcd -i "%%R" -o "%workpath%\%%~nR.chd" -f 
    REM Print an empty line 
    REM Print a status message. %%~nR refers to the filename of the cue-file WITHOUT extension
    ECHO ### Converting chd to %%~nR.bin ###
    REM Create the single-bin image, including a cue-file, overwrite existing files.
    %sourcepath%\chdman.exe extractcd -i "%workpath%\%%~nR.chd" -o "%destpath%\%%~nR.cue" -ob "%destpath%\%%~nR.bin" -f
    REM Delete the chd-file. We no longer need it and it's always good to clean up after yourself.
    DEL "%workpath%\%%~nR.chd"
    REM Print an empty line 
    @REM Print an empty line 
    REM Close the loop. Start the next or move on if there are no files left.
    REM This is a jump mark. If you read all comment lines, you know, why it's here.
    REM Well... what it says.

    PS: According to the preview, the code block seems not to recognize it as batch-script, so it may look a bit starnge.

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    @the_mole hi and thanks! I‘d recommend you to write a wiki entry for this, as it might be very useful and easier to find.

  • @paradadf I'd have to create a github account, first. If you want to copy it there, feel free to do so. Maybe it would be a good idea to mirror chdman.exe there, as well. The script is more comments than commands. Should be pretty easy to understand, I hope.

  • I know this is old but wanted to give you a big thank you. The hard drive with my PSX files died and I was NOT looking forward to having to rebuild everything. This has saved me about a days work. Nice Job!!

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