Pi3 boots to Black Screen and Recalbox Icon

  • Hello,
    My recalbox just worked fine after installation.

    I was also able to access //recalbox with my Chrome and upload some images.

    But now it is not possible to get the recalbox Frontend to load - it always shows a black screen with a Recalbox-Icon at the bottom....

    What have I done?!

    0_1546977970884_IMG_20190107_110537 (Mittel).jpg

    Regards, Chris

  • Themer

    @chrisftb your share partition is likely broken, maybe you didn't shutdown properly ?
    You cnbtry to repairvit through ssh (if using sd only) or in windows if you're using sd + usb/hdd

  • Hmmm - I just reinstalled the img to sd - and also this one just shows the screen above.

    I guess there is something wrong at all.....

  • @chrisftb It is normal to "hang" on this screen at first boot, you need to be patient and wait for the first boot to finish, because at this point the SHARE partition is being created, which is where the settings, ROMs and BIOS are.
    If at the first boot you restart forcibly upon reaching this screen, the SHARE partition is not created, and it's exactly what's going on with you.
    The larger the SD card you use, the longer it takes to boot. A 64Gb card can take 15 min on this screen on the first boot, for example.
    Reinstall Recalbox, and be patient, wait for the first boot to finish correctly.

  • @zing said in Pi3 boots to Black Screen and Recalbox Icon:

    Reinstall Recalbox, and be patient, wait for the first boot to finish correctly.

    Waited over an hour, Rpi 3B+ 64gig card, new install. Don't think that's it. Something else is wrong.

  • Themer

    @darkmage How do you shutdown recalbox and the pi ?

  • @darkmage Is your hardware an Rpi3 or an Rpi3 +?
    Have you tried another SD card?
    As said @voljega is important to turn off the correct way, shutting down wrongly corrupts the system. Doing a disk check on windows often solves the corrupted system problem.

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