New(!) Pimoroni Picade with Recalbox?

  • Hi

    I've just assembled the New Pimoroni Picade , which uses their extension board called Picade Hat.

    They recommend RetroPie to use with the Picade, and they provided a driver you have to install for this board.

    Now, I wonder if it's possible to get Recalbox running on the new Picade as well? Unfortunately, my Linux know-how is quite limited. But I could imagine that if both distributions are based on Debian, that should work - somehow, or am I wrong?

    I've seen some questions about Picade and Recalbox in the french section of this forum, but my french is very bad...

    Maybe somebody can at least answer if this should be possible rather how that can be do...?

    Kind regards

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    @rk-aus-s recalbox is not based at all on debian, it is a fine tuned linux keeping onlywhat is needed for the distribution.

    So basically theres isn't much chance that your driver can be installed or runned

  • @voljega
    Thank you very much for this clarification.

    Do you think, the Recalbox team could be somehow interested to support the Picade some day?
    Or can I do a "feature request" for this?

    Excuse me if my questions are silly - I'm not very experianced with Linux, Gaming-Emulation etc...


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    @rk-aus-s right now (meaning at least in the next year) i don't think there is enough resources in the team to do that work anyway

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    As I understand, the Picade is build around the PI3, with an interface circuit own to Pimoroni.
    Honestly, I think that you should arrive to make it run, but only with some basic knowledge of Recalbox internals.
    My GBA Freeplay is about the same, use a CM3 instead of the PI3, an dedicated button and hat interface, but I am running Recalbox on it.
    Means, if you anyway build the Picade, no reason to not try Recalbox. If you arrive to make it work with some problems on interface, there is hope. LCD Display^s and joystick/buttons can be adapted. We have the tools.

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