[Bluetooth][Chinese] Gamepad not doing so well

  • So I bought this the other day and I've been trying to make it work on a Raspberry Pi Zero W, I get to connect it via BT and configure it under the configure controller menu, but when I start a game, lets say super mario bros [nes] the only thing that seems to be working are the D-PAD keys [up down left right] and the left joystick but no A B X or Y.

    Do I need to configure it "in-game" like using the mame config menu or something? if so, how do I do it?

    I was hoping that once I configure the controller it would work on the games.

    this is the controller, dont blame me for being a cheap bastard hahahah

    kosda bt

    kosda bluetooth wileless game controller

  • @edmundo-perez hi

    can you sart Recalbox, pair your controller, and make a support archive please ? I bet this is a pad rather meant for android that emulates a full keyboard ...

  • @substring how do it create a support file/archive ?

  • Moderator

    @edmundo-perez go to the web interface of Recabox, support section, and click on the button.

    Then past the link here.

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