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  • Hey there.

    I still have trouble with my Recalbox on my Pi3B. It's currently stuck in 18.06.27, updates don't remain installed and added games or saves are gone once the system is restarted. I'm afraid that nothing short of a reinstall might fix the problem. I have backups of my games and everything, but with the scraper no longer having access to TheGamesDB, re-entering all the information by hand is not a task that I look forward to. Is there any way to export the metadata (developer, release date, packshot etc.) and use it after the reinstall?

  • @randomtask you can save your share folder, reflash Recalbox then copy/past your share folder on the new Recalbox.

  • @gaetan I was afraid that it would be more complicated than that, so I am glad to hear it's that easy. Thanks!

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