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  • Hello, a few days ago I acquired a 32gb memory and decided to install raspbian, libreelec and recalbox with noobs and everything was perfect, raspbian and kodi are running without any problem but when you enter recalbox the screen remains black, someone could help me solve this problem? Thank you!
    My raspberry is version 3b (normal)

    Excuse me if this topic already exists, my English is bad

  • @ron2797k

    As far as i know, recalbox does not like noobs (i remember several users who had similar problems when using noobs with recalbox).
    So if you want to use recalbox, then you should install it on a dedicated microSD-Card (alone without noobs).

  • @joinski
    the problem is that I do not have many resources to dedicate only one memory, then there is no solution?

    Thank you!

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    @ron2797k I've seen in another topic, substring assert that "you need to use an old version of noobs like 2.4. Recalbox is temporily removed from NOOBS because of hardware compatibility and recalbox using too old "drivers", so to say"

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