Noobs / recalbox yellow lightning

  • Hi,
    i hope i'm in the right section of the forum.
    i have some trouble with recalbox 4.1.0 and Noobs 2.8.
    Recalbox won't boot, a yellow lightning appears on th right top corner and nothing happens.
    I want use Noobs for dual boot Recalbox/Libreelec, Libreelec works fine, so i think it's not a problem of power supply (2A).

    I've tried to install Noobs 2.4 but it's worst, i have the yellow lightning on boot of Noobs.

    Any helps will appreciated.

  • @Sh_K If a yellow ray appears is because your power supply does not have enough power

  • Moderator

    @quemandoacromo 3A power supply is required :)

  • Hi, after reading your answers, i noticed that i make an error, my power supply is 3000mA, is it possible the PS doesn't work properly ?
    I'm not encounter problem with Kodi, only with Recalbox.
    Thank you again.

  • @OyyoDams
    Hi, i try with another power supply 3000mA, but same problem...
    tested with PS Aukru and BERL5, any idea ? Maybe with another version of Recalbox ?
    Thank you.

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    @sh_k some RPI won't work with latest Noobs versions. Please refer to Noobs support, or try direct install of Recalbox from out website (without Noobs).

  • @sh_k said in Noobs / recalbox yellow lightning:


    Ok, i understand my problem after reading several posts on the forum, i have a Pi3b+, and it seems not compatible with Recalbox at this time.
    My bad... I must wait until a version of recalbox besome compatible with my Pi.
    Thank you.

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