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Dosbox doesn't start

  • Software: Recalbox version 18.07.13
    Hardware: Raspberry PI 1 Model B

    I'm having some trouble in getting Dosbox to work (I followed the instructions from

    I've put the files for the "Duke nukem 3D" game in /recalbox/share/roms/dos/duke.pc, and inside that folder I've created a file dosbox.bat, that contains just two lines:


    When I try to open that Game in the emulationstation GUI, the DOSBOX logo appears for about 1 second (see below) and come back to the emulation station... Something is preventing DOSBOX from starting.


    I've collected some logs just after I've tried to run the "Duke Nukem":


    ALSA lib seq_hw.c:466:(snd_seq_hw_open) open /dev/snd/seq failed: No such file or directory


    SDL_VIDEO_GL_DRIVER=/usr/lib/ /usr/bin/dosbox -userconf -exit /recalbox/share/roms/dos/duke.pc/dosbox.bat -c set ROOT=/recalbox/share/roms/dos/duke.pc -vkeybd /usr/share/dosbox -conf /recalbox/share/system/configs/dosbox/dosbox.conf

    When I try to run the above command (exactly the contents of ~/logs/es_launch_stdout.log) from SSH, I got the following output:

    DOSBox version SVN
    Copyright 2002-2017 DOSBox Team, published under GNU GPL.
    CONFIG:Loading primary settings from config file /recalbox/share/system/.dosbox/dosbox-SVN.conf
    CONFIG:Loading additional settings from config file /recalbox/share/system/configs/dosbox/dosbox.conf
    Exit to error: Could not initialize video: Invalid window

    Besides Duke Nukem, I've tried to run another DOS program: an ancient DOS program called "visual player". Both works in my linux PC' dosbox but unfotunately dont work in recalbox.


    1. What I'm doing wrong?

    2. Is there something that I can do, some other log to collect?

    3. What "SDL_VIDEODRIVER" ( Recalbox's dosbox should use for RPi ? May be an issue related to this?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Your only hope would be @lmerckx if he's not in holidays

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    @erbertmag change your dosbox.bat to


    and do a screen capture to show us what appears on the screen

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    I posted once my dosbox.cfg concerning DN3, you need a local dosbox.cfg, it will not run with the standard dosbox.conf.

  • @voljega I changed my dosbox.bat, and nothing changed (the dosbox splashscreen appears for about 1 second and then it returns to emulation station).

  • @dragu I've tested with your dosbox.cfg, and nothing changed.

    I think that the problem may be related with the dosbox video driver not working ("Exit to error: Could not initialize video: Invalid window").

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    Yes, but this error message

    CONFIG:Loading additional settings from config file /recalbox/share/system/configs/dosbox/dosbox.conf

    shows that you are not working with a local (inside duke.pc) dosbox.cfg but with the original dosbox.conf that will not work here.

  • @dragu That message was before your advice. I confirm here that the ~/logs/es_launch_stdout.log contains the part of command line -conf /recalbox/share/roms/dos/duke.pc/dosbox.cfg.

  • @erbertmag Which version are you using? I have 1.3D and it works without problems on Recalbox (18.07.13)

    alt text
    Loading - Duke Nukem 3D DOS VERSION (v1.3D)

    alt text
    Menu - Duke Nukem 3D DOS VERSION (v1.3D)

    My dosbox.bat:

    • duke3d.exe

    PS: Confirmed that the latest version of GoG also works without problems if you remove all "the additions"

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    @erbertmag seems impossible so I suggest double checking everything, because your screen should be on pause.

    Pay attention to upper case in file and dir names, they shouldn't appear at all

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    I just downloaded the dosbox version from 180713, easy with 7-Zip that also uncompress .img files, without necessary to install the OS.
    And I can also confirm, DN3D is working with this 180713 version. But, my jackrabbit I not. 🙂
    What shows that dosbox is not really a strait development over time. And the jackrabbit dosbox version is not usable for DN3D, 0 -1 framerates.

  • @substring said in Dosbox doesn't start:


    @lmerckx can you help me?

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    Tu as bien défini une keymapper file au niveau de dosbox.cfg et qui existe dans ton répertoire ?

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