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Pour information, Recalbox N'EST PAS encore compatible avec le Raspberry Pi 4.

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I accidentally deleted some ZIP files, how can I find them back?

  • I saved several ZIP files (for video game) in my video player SD Card, but today when I am trying to transfer the files onto my computer, I accidentally deleted them all, is it possible for me to get them back?

  • Moderator

    @rosa no there is no undelete feature, you should always have a backup.

  • Banned

    Have you backed up your data from SD card to computer? If so, it will be easy to recover your video game. If not, things would get a little tricky. You can recover deleted files with a piece of dedicated software, like Cisdem Data Recovery. But as far as I know, almost all the data recovery tools are not free. No matter on Mac, Windows or Android.

  • I think you should check the trash bin.
    Might be there you will get your deleted files.

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