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LED Turn on/off when I press a button (GPIO14 )

  • Hello, I'm configuring my GPIO controller on my Arcade cabinet for 2 players. I use all the buttons for player 1 and 2. Yesterday I add the LED to indicate when the system is on or off.
    I've connected the LED (+) to GPIO14 as is explained here:

    The problem is that I need also to connect on GPIO14 a button for player 1. so, when I press the button on player 1 the led turn off. When I release it, the led back to on.

    Somebody has a workaround for this?

  • @erniman no you can't add a led when using the gpio driver unless you use a.specific version of the driver where you can reconfigure ports (it should ve available in 2 releases)

  • Banned

    If you want just look if the system is up or down, you can easly and just connect it (with resistor =>1KOhm) to the power pin of one USB plug. Because PI switch off power on USB if the system is down. Even when power subsist on the board.

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