please update drivers&kernel

  • I am a former user of batocera, I happened to recalbox, as it seems to provide more new and fresh ideas, there seems to be more people involved in this project.
    but I have a problem that I did not have in bxxxx x64-pc.
    emulators like dolphin or nds, do not run correctly or directly do not run.
    mainly in my bartop with gpu "APU" integrated ati, dolphin takes a while to open to finally return to the recalbox menu.
    in my ultrabook with intel i5 6200u and intel HD, it is supposed to work better since the GPU is intel and I see similar problems.
    however, other emulators that use openGL, such as dreamcast, psx, or psp, work without problems.

    I think it would be a good idea for pc users, an update of the "table" drivers and the linux kernel, that would solve many problems of this type and give the OS more compatibility with other systems, both new and old!
    I hope to be able to play gamecube on my bartop soon, keep it up, you are doing a great job.
    a greeting

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    HELLO @Fransis-J-J

    recalbox will be updated soon (buildroot, kodi, kernel and other stuff)
    Developpers go to holidays.

  • @acris wooooooooooooo ok, it could not be less ... ok, enjoy those descending holidays !!!
    thank you very much

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