Best version of Worms that runs on Recalbox at the moment?

  • Hi everyone,

    Hope this is the right forum section for this. I got a hankering to play Worms on my Recalbox, and after a lively round with some friends last night playing the SNES version, which is ok, but not great, I was wondering which version of the game runs best on the system? PSX releases? Some 16 bit version I may be overlooking? My only goal is to have it run using nothing more than the joypads, for ease of play.

  • @trantornator I played a lot the first one on psx, still the best to me.

  • @trantornator @Gaetan
    Yes I tried Worms on N64, PS1 and others but for me the best is with PS1

  • Thanks guys! PS1 it is then!

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