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Adjusting aspect ratio for Dreamcast and N64

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm guessing this has to do with reicast and the N64 emulator not being part of the normal EmulationStation structure (and yes, I admit I don't understand the technical aspects of all of this), but both emulators are running stretched out (so much wider than 4x3). How can I change the default settings for these two emulators to render in 4x3 with black borders on the sides on a 16x9 TV?

    Kind regards,


  • @trantornator hi

    Both emulators run in 4:3 for me on a 16:9 monitor, and never ever had that aspect ratio problem. Isn't it a TV zooming factor problem as they run in 640x480 ?

  • Themer

    @trantornator My TV has the same problem and seems unable to detect 4/3 at this resolution, at least in HDMI because my original Dreamcast works fine.

    The only thing working for me is to manually force the TV to 4/3 when launching N64 game

  • @voljega I had the same problem as you. Then in recalbox.conf I changed the dreamcast videomode from DMT to CEA.
    Now it's always in 4/3.
    I did the same for n64 and choose fba / glupen64 and now it's in 4/3 too.

  • @voljega Thanks!

    I adjusted the settings for Dreamcast in the cfg file and it did fix the aspect ration problem, but seems to have introduced some sprite tearing (foreground sprites in MvC2 and backgrounds in SouldCalibur) as well as some weird popping sounds, especially when the screen shifts (between menus and gameplay, for example). Did this also happen on your system? I'm running an RPi3 at 1300.

  • Themer

    @trantornator I'm not using Dreamcast at the moment... see Gatean's reply he seems to have make it work

  • @voljega Sorry, meant to address the last message to @Gaetan

  • @trantornator Ok... so the DMT to CEA fix worked but generated both sound and graphic glitches. Guessing it was a timing issue with the screen or some such. I did end up manually changing the aspect ratio for these two emulators (a different TV I have did in fact have an automatic recognition function that recognized these emulators and displayed normally). Thanks for the assist @Gaetan .

  • @trantornator the glitches you describe eaelier in DC emulator, in Soulcalibur background or in cvsf were already there in Dmt.
    You could give me an exemple of a game that have glitches on cea and not on Dmt ?

  • @trantornator More info in the wiki:

  • @gaetan The sound glitches were the most noticeable. It was a weird crackling. Sadly I only have three DC games on the system (Souldcalibur, MvC2 and Virtua Tennis). VT had graphic glitched on both settings and MvC2 produced blank vertical lines through the sprites when they moved to the right side of the screen in CEA. It was a weird effect (and only on some sprites... A wild guess is that they used textures over flat 3D models instead of sprite hardware here, but that's really just speculation.

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