Bugs in 18.06.27: PS1, N64, PSP and Menu

  • Very slow PS1 and N64 emulators on the raspberry pi 3, the games seem to run in slow motion.
    The PSP emulator has a bug: after exiting one game, it does not allow it to enter another. Choosing another PSP game will only work after restarting Recalbox.
    Sometimes Recalbox freezes after connecting the wi-fi. After adding the network and the network password, the system freezes before returning to the configuration menu.

  • @rocketman There is also a bug in lutro. It is a bug I notice in older versions than 18.06.27. When a game is selected and after restarting or updating the game list, dozens of files appear in the gamelist and are identified by emulationstation as "games".
    After this happens it is no longer possible to delete the files from the "gloss" folder in "roms". Simply the files do not disappear.

  • @rocketman could you give more details about your N64 emulator/core ?

  • @substring I was using the default emulator settings. I did an installation from scratch and these problems came up. After two more reinstallations, the problems of PS1 and N64 are gone, but the PSP still continues with the problem of black screen when entering a game soon after leaving another.
    From what I researched this was an old problem, even before 18.04.20. It had never happened to me. I need to update the list of games or restart Recalbox to be able to enter a new PSP game.
    I made only one modification, slightly increased the resolution of the emulator, but even returning to the default resolution the error continues.

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    @rocketman I also had problems with the PSP emulator on RPi3, and I've seen other reports about that, the "solution" I found was:
    Go to the folder \share\system, in the file recalbox.conf, find the line "dreamcast.videomode =" and add just below it the line: "psp.videomode = default" (without quotation marks, obvious)
    In addition, in the folder "\share\system.emulationstation", in the es_settings.cfg file, find the line "<int name =" MaxVRAM "value =" 200 "/>", and change the value from 200 to 80, getting : <int name = "MaxVRAM" value = "80" />
    With this, the PSP emulator is able to work most of the time, and if the game does not enter immediately, just go back to the EmulationStation main screen, or wait a bit, to try again, that the game will start, without having to restart the Recalbox.
    Some users reported problems due to themes with 1080p images, but others claim that even the default theme does not allow them to run PSP, so I do not know how much that actually influences (even more so because the info on this is more than 2 months ago.)
    I know that @substring does not like my solution, but it worked for me...

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