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For information, Recalbox IS NOT compatible with Raspberry Pi 4 yet.
Pour information, Recalbox N'EST PAS encore compatible avec le Raspberry Pi 4.

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Recalbox 18.06.27 is out!

  • Updated to the new 18.06.27 release and testing it out. Anyone know where VRAM limit setting moved to? Have an issue with PSP games exiting to menu when launched. Want to see if setting VRAM limit to 80MB will help as it seems to have done with previous versions.

  • @substring said in Recalbox 18.06.27 is out!:

    @jorgemagana 7 months without reporting ? ... 😕

    I thought that it was only my problem because the poor ventilation in my game room. Noticed only en Emulation Station navigation. When using the temperature monitor in web manager, I see that the temperature goes down when you enter a game, and rises up again when you return to Emulation Station. Few months ago I bought a case with fan and problem solved, but fan is too noisy.

  • @raffols @substring I can confirm this. When ES is running, one of the cores of the RPI3B is running at full 100% constantly and leads to the "Thermometer" Icon in the upper Right Corner. Switching into a game usually stresses a second core then. Somehow there seems to be a Process running constantly that eats cycles. It's not Netplay, I turned that off (unless it still is running, just not doing anything?). Never had overheat warnings with earlier Recalbox Releases. API is turned off too (Web Manager is on).

    Again, just for clarity: Turning on Recalbox, doing Nothing, just keeping it at whatever screen it is when starting (with me, Favourites) will after an hour max lead to temperature warnings and one core is constantly at 100%

  • @docbobo it's been explained for ages : there is a bug in the webmanager showing constantly a core running at 100% (which is wrong)

  • @substring OK, fine - but actually the Recalbox IS running hot when Nothing is Happening in EmulationStation. This is a "new" behaviour. I never saw the temperature Icon on my RasbPis before, even during N64 Emulation. Can we agree that an idling ES on an NOT overclocked RPI3 should not drive the CPU over 75 Degrees Celsius?

  • @docbobo never had the temp warning turning on in this release, nor any other before unless my pi would be in a closed case running PSP.

    75°C is indeed much, I agree, but i can't even compare with my pi3 for now

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    @docbobo check that your heatsink is properly attached to the processor... if, for any reason, it isn‘t cleanly sticked it results in bad insulation and that‘s counterproductive.

  • @substring official fix will be soon or in a few months? (n64 rice plugins)

  • @daniel86 it's building right now, should be out today

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