Recalbox 7.0

Hotkey on R1

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    Just very small question, as all combination with Hotkey use all basic keys for combinations apart R1. Ok, you can use Select as Hotkey, but depending in what emulator you are, he will directly put some coins before you pressed second key. But as R1 is free, this could be best for hotkey when you have no extra spare button. (and no L2, R2, L3, R3)
    I read that somebody was having 2 years ago a problem and that R1 was not normaly working anymore after it host also the hotkey. This was an issue of retroarch it seems because also Select combined with Hotkey was not working as single key anymore in some games. Somebody knows more ?

  • @dragu R1 is already a required combo key for shaders i think, and RA is patched for a specific case of hotkey=select where it would wait for 10 frames before triggering the real select role

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