Error actualizando el sistema

  • Buenas a todos.

    Tengo un problema al actualizar el sistema, a ver si me podéis ayudar.

    He compilado el sistema para habilitar i2c en el sistema ya que uso un PCB de 10 botones por i2c. Hasta aquí todo correcto.
    El problema viene cuando actualizo, deshabilitando i2c y activando nuevamente los HotKey cosa que me deja inutilizable el PCB.

    Mi pregunta es, ¿de qué forma he de actualizar para que no suceda ésto? O quizás hay alguna otra forma de hacerlo.

    Muchas gracias, un saludo.

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    @truha hola! Esa pregunta dificilmente pueda respondertela alguien en español. @Substring do you understand his problem and can assisst him?

  • @paradadf ok perfecto, le preguntaré. Si doy con la solución lo pondré por aquí para futuras personas con el mismo problema. Gracias.

  • @truha i hope you speak english 😮

    So you've activated i2c, but it's not working / crashing ? Are you US ng the mk_arcade_gpio module ? On my side i've veen working on merging the master branch in the hotkey branch, i could test i2c and it was working fine. Still not available in recalbox though

  • @substring Yes, it works! at the beginning it gave me a bit of war when compiling, but in the end I got it. I only have the problem that the buttons are exchanged for the PAD but it does not cause me any problems.

    The problem I have with the update, that when I update the i2c stops working and I have to reinstall everything.

    I use the traditional method in the menu of the recalbox interface. When it restarts, it only shows me a black screen with many errors and it dies. I do not have access to the system through HTTP or SSH.

  • @truha ok. Between which versions does it stop working ? what are your edits ?

  • @substring I compiled the system using this manual:

    The only change you made is to enable i2c in mk_arcade_joystick_rpi.

    I currently use version 4.10

    When I configured the WiFi connection I was notified of a new update, I do not know the version exactly.

  • @truha still, i don't get how you use i2c ... do you enable the gpio controllers through i2c ?

  • @substring First I modify with make menuconfig to enable i2c:

    alt text

    Then I modify mk_arcade_joystick_rpi.c to be able to use the necessary buttons:

    alt text

    Compile the system and load the image in the microSD.

    Edit /etc/modules.conf and add at the end of the file:


    Edit the /boot/config.txt and add following lines in it:

    #Activate I2C

    Edit the /boot/cmdline.txt and add at the end of line:


    I set the i2c address in recalbox.conf with the address obtained with i2cdetect -y 1:


    At this point it is when I set up the WiFi connection, it notifies me that there is a new update and when executing it it breaks my system.

  • @truha Ifnyou made some edits yourself, of course an upgrade will break it ! The whole system is upgraded, even the module edited ! Just reinstall the ko and you're good

  • @substring you mean you re-download and compile?

    Thank you very much for the help.
    A greeting.

  • @truha No ! I mean simply reinstall your version of mk_arcade_joystick_rpi.ko

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