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Dolphin: emulatet wiimote settings are reseted every startup

  • I want to use my xbox 360 controllers for playing wii games. I already changed the settings in recalbox config to 1 so that i can use normal controllers and also made some profile settings for the controllers. My problem is that every new startup of a game my settings for my controller are reseted and dolphin loads some standard profile where not all buttons are matched and also just one controller is able to play.
    So what can i do that dolphin saves my controller settings in recalbox?

  • @agaengster gamecube.configfile=dummy in recalbox.conf. I don't remember if it's in the 18.04.20 or the next release

  • @substring seems to be the next release (i can not find the option in rcalbox.conf) but thank you anyhow :D ! I will wait until the next release. Do you know approximately when th enew version will be released?

  • @agaengster you have to manually add it

  • @substring ok but where exactly? I am not completely familiar with the structure of the recalbox.conf file (sorry)

  • @agaengster wherever in the file !

  • At least i had to add "wii.configfile=dummy" but thank you very much @Substring for your help and your instructions.

    Ps: I am new in the forum so is there anything i can do to mark this request/question as solved/answered?

  • @agaengster yeah : topic options -> ask a question, do it again to mark it as solved

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