Bluetooth controller won't automatically reconnect after restarting the Pi

  • Is there a way to make the 8Bitdo SF30 bluetooth controllers to automatically reconnect after a restart?

    Currently I have to turn them off and back on again to reconnect.

    Apologies if this has already been discussed before but I could not find a similar topic/answer.

    Recalbox 18.04.20
    latest SF30_Firmware_V4.10

  • @r4ndom4is it's supposed ti reconnect uf you start your controller after ES has started launching

  • So here's my scenario @substring

    1. I've got the controllers nicely connected
    2. I then restart Recalbox from the ES menu
    3. Controllers obviously lose connection while Recalbox restarts and boots up to ES
    4. Controllers stay blinking, won't automatically reconnect
    5. I need to turn the controllers off and back on for them to connect again

    Is this how bluetooth peripherals generally work with Recalbox or could I modify something somewhere to get the controllers to automatically reconnect? Would the output help to troubleshoot?

  • @r4ndom4is that.s the way they work, that's the way BT stabdards define connectiins between client (your pad) and host (the pi)

  • @substring thank you again for the quick reply.


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