PSP Emulator under new 18.04.20

  • Hi All.

    Just upgraded the recalbox from previous version. PSP emulator was running well.

    After the latest upgrade to 18.04.20, psp games are not launching at all. I could read on the release notes of the version that the emulator core was backwarded to previous version.

    Does anyone have this same issue? Is there any bios to add/renew/update for the PSP to run?

    All the other sytems are running fine as previous version of the recalbox was.

    Any help greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi all.

    just found this error under "es_launch_stderr.log":

    1:33:556 Core/Config.cpp:941 I[LOAD]: Loading controller config: /recalbox/share/system/configs/ppsspp/PSP/SYSTEM/controls.ini
    glGetError 0x500
    11:33:918 Core/System.cpp:387 I[BOOT]: PPSSPP unknown
    11:33:919 Common/MsgHandler.cpp:54 E[*]: Warning: Failed to map 256 MB of memory space: Cannot allocate memory
    11:33:920 Core/MemMap.cpp:271 I[MM]: Memory system initialized. Base at (nil) (RAM at @ 0x8000000, uncached @ 0x8000000)
    /usr/bin/PPSSPPSDL: relocation error: /usr/bin/PPSSPPSDL: symbol , version GCC_3.0 not defined in file with link time reference

    any help much appreciated.

  • Banned

    @countertop your theme (if you're using a custom one) is likely taking too much RAM thus 'strangling' the PSP emulator.
    Try with the standard one from Recalbox if PSP games launch

  • @voljega wow, sure! Im using a custom theme. So, this can be the reason...I'll try that and reply. Its really strange that this is only happening on psp emulator (thus its one of the more demanding along dreamcast for sure).

    Thanks for the message.

  • I'm having the same problem, psp games do not start. I am using custom theme, and I also used the original Recalbox system, and the bug continues.

  • Temporary fix : reduce VRAM limit to 80MB in es settings

  • @substring how do I do ram reduction to 80mb?

  • @retroplay i guess it's in the advanced settings in the ES start menu

  • @substring I put 80mb did not work either, it must be because I'm also + 17 thousand games, it must be overloaded.

  • @retroplay consuder disabling the web manager until the next upgrade, too bad for support archives meanwhile

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