Help configuring FBA buttons for Neo Geo games.

  • Hi, could someone know how can I map 2 buttons to act like one in FBA?
    Based on GPIO controls I would like to config neo geo buttons to work like this:
    I don't know if it is possible to do this, I know that in mame I can do but don't know if in FBA this is possible, I like to play neo geo games with an "square" config like:
    A B
    C D,
    But I have some friends that prefer to play in a "L shaped config like:
    A B C
    If I could config to
    A B C
    C D D
    I could resolve the issue and never reconfigure the buttons everytime that someone loses and other parson with other preference of button order come to play.

  • CRT Hero

    @djc Unlike mame, fba rely on retroarch for mapping.
    What you want to do is possible with retroarch 1.7.2 and above, however i don't know if recalbox bumped its retroarch version recently.

    On a side note, your "square" config is kinda off.
    On original hardware (neocd gamepad) it was :
    C D
    A B
    On recent hardware (playstation and the such) it is :
    A C
    B D
    Those 2 mappings are presets available through the Classic/Modern device type in "Quick Menu > Controls"

  • @barbudreadmon we will bump RA with FBA ;) 1.7.2 is ok, havven't tried 1.7.3 as it was out a few days before my holidays

  • @barbudreadmon I can’t play with the configs that you spoke, thank you for the infos, gonna wait for an update.

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