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  • I've been using @digitalLumberjack guide on how to "Scrape your games with PC (EN)"   I discovered in the application scraper.exe that you can use "-help" to discover more commands 🙂 I now use the following: scraper.exe -image_path="~/.emulationstation/downloaded_images/n64" -no_thumb=true -max_width=375 -workers 32 With the command "-workers 32" making the process of scraping much much faster! (beware you will need a Core i5+ and 8GB RAM+ to use 32x workers... I tried with much higher amounts (eg: 48 / 64 / 128) but the process was SOO QUICK that many games did NOT get scraped because the game database continually refused the connection to my IP thinking I was flooding it with requests haha... ^ Hopefully all this information will help and allow you all to scrape your games much faster! 😄

  • Or.... You could drag the scraper.exe to each rom folder on the pi, and run it in there. It's how I scrape them, and it works fine.

  • And if you want a easyiest way to use scraper.exe, you can use my GUI : Explanations are in french 😉 but the soft is in english and it's very easy to use. All the scraper.exe option are in the GUI and you can see the "help" for each option in TIP with you mouse on the option. just one thing on the "worker 32" I'm not sur, but it may (maybe) ban you from thegamedb (too much request send = attack) for a short time. I never go mor than Worker 10 and it's pretty fast 😉

  • Here is my method.  No need to use PC and you can do it all locally on the box.   Source     Showing simplified method to quickly scrape artwork for Recalbox     Step 1.  Connect to your raspi.  On windows you can use putty  and just open a connection to your ip and use root for username  recalboxroot for password.   Or from a terminal client >ssh root@yourip   Step 2. Paste the following command > wget && chmod u+x ./   Step 3.  Initiate an individual scrape request system by system For example to do SNES  see below > ./ snes -no_thumb=true -max_width=375   To do nes > ./ nes -no_thumb=true -max_width=375   Using the rom folder name as reference. Just a list of examples of systems you can use are   cavestory fba fbalibretro fds gamegear gb gba gbc gw lutro lynx mame mastersystem megadrive moonlight msx n64 neogeo ngp pcengine prboom psx scummvm sega32x segacd sg1000 snes vectrex virtualboy wswan     If you want to update or only add images that have not already been scraped you can do   > ./ -u  -no_thumb=true -max_width=375     Things to keep in mind. To run the ./ script you must be in the directory that you originally downloaded it to in the first step.   Image art is stored in the directory /root/.emulationstation/downloaded_images/ the gamelist.xml file is stored in the directory /root/.emulationstation/gamelists each in their respective named folder   if you run ./ without the no thumb width flag it will download unvisible art for certain systems and you will need to delete that before scraping again as it will not overwrite correctly.  (This could be added as a pull request to github but may be a security feature)   WARNING : fba_libretro has a little bug, that will be corrected in 4.0.0 : scraping can’t be displayed. This can be manually solved if you really really are desperate …

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