Stuck on boot

  • Hey guys... after scraping one game (Puyo Pop Fever/DC :wink: ) my RPi3 kinda hang. I rebooted it through the web interface and now when it boots it always gets stuck after the video, when the EMULGA logo appears... any ideas?
    something is working because I can connect through Samba or the web interface, but...

    I restarted ES through the web interface instead of rebooting and I get this error on top of the screen: [500.651830] EXT4-fs error (device mmcblk0p3): ext4_lookup: 1584: inode #1572866: comm emulationstatio: deleted inode referenced: 1572867

    This happened after I deleted the conf file (was hoping it was going to regenerate - silly?), but happens still after placing it back. So... I don't know what to do :( Any help that would save me from reburning the image would be greatly appreciated!

  • @themistocles-papassilekas try to fsck you sd

  • Yeah, you're right and I should've thought of it from the beginning; it finally occurred to me after I posted but I found out that my dual-boot laptop had other issues :D So to save time I'm just reburning the image while trying to diagnose the linux boot issues.

    But thanks for the suggestion :)

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