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GPIO doesn't recognize hotkey

  • Hey there guys and girls, So i got a problem with my recalbox arcade cabinet. I am on recalbox 3.2.11 and use a raspberry pi 2. For my Buttons and Joysticks I use the raspberry pi 2 GPIO. So all the Buttons (a,b,x,y,lt,rt,start,select,sticks) work fine for both Players, except for the hotkey. I am sure that i have connected it to the right pin, because i got all the other Buttons working too. When i use jstest, it recognizes all the Buttons except for the hotkey. The button itself however works fine, I tested it by connecting it to another pin. I only have a hotkey for Player 1, because i only use it to Exit games. So there should be 9 Buttons for Player 1 and 8 Buttons for Player 2. Could this be the cause of the issue? Also, when I am in a game, the hotkey is constantly enabled for Player 1, meaning that when i press start on Player 1, I will Exit the game. Or when I press "b" I will enter the retroarch config. However i think this is somehow related to my first issue.   would be awesome if you could help me out 🙂

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    Hi, the new hotkey button on GPIO is only available in the 3.3.0 beta. On the 3.2.11 you will have to use the SELECT button as hotkey. Please install the 3.3.0, the 3.2.11 is obsolete 🙂

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