Recalbox 7.0

Impossible to find dc_flash.bin (right one)

  • Hello,

    I want to play dreamcast on recalbox, but I cannot find the right dc_flash binary file anywhere on the net. I searched everywhere on the forum and I made a previous post which solved my black screen issue. Unfortunately, I have another big issue now. When I launch the game and after set up the clock, the game doesn't launch and I have a white screen.

    I tried a lots of differents "dc_flash" but none of them changed the issue. Plus, I can't find the one with "d6e11a23f1fa01cddb5dfccf7e4cc8d7" as MD5. Can someone tell me if they found it or if they found another one working without giving me links. Just tell me the MD5 since it's ok, I'll find by myself.

    I thank you in advance hoping I will find someone who can help me 🙂

    PS : I have the right hardware, not a pi2 or 1. 😉

  • Global moderator

    Hello @raiyoku

    the third time you will be banished.

    In addition you already opened a subject.

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