Using different controllers for different systems

  • Hi all, Im new to all this and did do a search but wasnt able to find anything. Im making a small screenless cabinet using recalbox. Raspberry Pi 3. Boots up fine, made a board with joystick and 6 buttons, all working great. If I instead use a usb xbox controller it also works great. My issue is that I cant seem to figure out how to use both. Id love to use my joystick for arcade games, but have the xbox controller work for when I play n64 games. Unfortunately it seems I can only have one or the other active. When I configure controllers it sees 2, so I configure joystick setup, the xbox controller stops working. If I configure xbox controller the joystick stops working. I assume this is simple and I am a fool, but could you point me in the right direction? Thanks.

  • I made a topic on this. Think the answer I got was to set up my controller inside the emulator, inside retroarch. Press action key + b to access retroarch.

  • @beladorizid we don't support games/specific pads configuration. The easiest way is to change players order when required

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