I need advice to scrape amiga whdl folders

  • As suggested I started to use WHDLoad folders instead of adf images and they work pretty good. My only problem is to scrape those folders. What I tried so far;

    • I created uae files for each folder and used UXS for .uae extension. It could find some of those but missed many easy ones, such as turrican2.uae.

    • I renamed those files to zip and did the same with UXS. Nothing changed. (I found this suggestion on the web)

    Any other suggestion?

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    @alpermis I would rename uae and the whdl folder to their 'real name' like Turrican 2.uae, for the scrape to work better

  • More than 6000 folders 🙂 Renaming will take some time.

  • I narrowed down my collection to 2200 ish "meaningful" games, and in every case had to rename the folder as mentioned above, ie shadowofthebeast3 became "Shadow Of The Beast 3", then copy the folders over to the Pi, and only then ran the script to bulk generate the .uae files. I then did the XML scrape on the "mix" setting, and got, literally, 99% of the pics I needed.
    I think it got 2100+ of them, with only a few random wild miss matches - I always always always after scraping use ARRM and sort inname order, then I can look at the columns to establish the name given in the scrape matches the name of the file, so I know its a correct match.
    Even with 2000+ games you can check very quickly for miss matches.

    I had read that I should avoid the adf files, as the whdl versions had a better "hit" rate, but Ive tried about 20 at random, and 3 didnt work, giving out of memory errors - a worrying fail rate.
    I had used the default "empty" uae file, but even when increasing the chip and / or fast mem in that file, it made no difference.
    But, if my friends find more that dont work then I will worry - I could just have picked games that have issues by pure chance and its not really an issue.
    As everyone else says, I definitely think using whdl versions IS the way to go, especially with multi disk games, as some adf ones insist disk 2 or 3 must be in the "first" drive - a pain......

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    There isn't solutions except renaming or go back to adf, adf can have CRC (no name needed) where whdload it's harder also you should check with screenscrapper, I had hard times with all the street fighter 2 and had to check insuide teh website to how to name them

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