Can't rewind NES games with QuickNES

  • Hello folks,
    today I noticed I can't rewind any NES games anymore with the current version of recalbox. It used to work fine with earlier versions. I'm using QuickNES since that core supports retroarchievements, did not try any other NES cores yet. Does anyone have an idea why this is broken suddenly? It still works fine for other systems...

  • @bloodsurfer the core hasn't been updated since november so ...

  • It's just strange that nobody else seems to have this problem. It says "Rewinding" in the bottom left corner, but the game does not actually rewind, it keeps running forward in normal speed. Forwarding works fine. Switching to another core (fceumm) and then rewinding also works fine. I just don't like that core because it causes graphical glitches around the screen borders for me in some games...

  • @bloodsurfer could be a retroarch problem though

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