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  • Ok so I’m new here, hello, and recalbox is pretty amazing so thank you to the folks that put this monster together..... but

    Kodi 16.1? I know, I know, first rule of recalbox kodi updates is you don’t talk about recalbox kodi updates, that said are there any properly working builds that still work on 16?! I’m looking but I’m just not finding builds that use 16 that will run on a pi3b very well. Any help would be amazing or at least a link to the forum post I didn’t find that tells new guys how to kodi..

  • @felixdcat hey !

    Forgive my ignorance, what do you call "builds" ?

    17.6 is almost done on my side, but we're facing a major upgrade problem we need to solve first

  • @substring sorry it’s a term I’ve heard used around kodi that refer to the pre configured install wizards that setup kodi with all of the useful addons and settings you would want.

    In the past I’ve used this site to pick and choose the build that has a good review.


    In the past I was using Retropie and didn’t have this issue because it was possible to update kodi to its latest edition but with recalbox it seems that kodi just doesn’t play well with these current builds when it’s a generation or two old.

  • @felixdcat retropie is built on top of raspbian, we're our own OS built from scratch, so nothing external works most of times

  • @substring these builds are running addons in kodi they aren’t separate programs. The problem is kodi 16.1 not recalbox

  • @felixdcat i'm not sure i understand the problem ...

  • @substring I provided a link to many builds, they do not work in kodi 16. I was hoping somebody in the community had an answer to the problem of either getting newer builds to work or maybe providing a link to builds that were built for 16 and still work properly.

  • @felixdcat we're not meant to be updated from an outside build

  • Banned

    @felixdcat Kodi 16 is the version of the Kodi media player. Yes, Kodi is just a media player but its so f....kin popular because of its ability to add plugins(Add-ons) and compilation of Add-ons named Builds.
    Usually, developers get most popular Add-ons and install them on Kodi, attach a cool looking skin, some tools and export the setup into a Build.
    At the moment Kodi's last version is Kodi 18 and it looks pretty cool, however there still are left Kodi 16 working Builds, but I don't recommend using this version as it has a major bug that lets hackers take control of your device.
    If you still want to use it, check this Wizzard
    install Cellardoor TV Wizzard - is a tool with a list of Builds and Add-ons to be installed with 1 click. Check it, I'm sure you'll find your Kodi 16 build

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