Adding new systems to Recalbox!

  • Hello! im really glad with recalbox, and everything in it its amazing, but, i want to ask, are there any plans adding new systems? since recalbox have support for ports (cave story, prboom) adding the new ports and engines developed by retroarch would be cool, like openlara, quake 1, xrick, mr boom, minecraft, and dinothrawr.

    Also, any plans adding new consoles like atari 5200, nec pc98, and one of my favorites, the nintendo pikachu mini?

    Thanks for all your support

  • @8bit_astronaut adding a core that is a single game ... Well, not really, that's the kind of thig that for now would mess up the themes. We "already made the mistake" with prboom, need to think of a way to add anything that sounds like a "standalone"

  • @substring hmmm i see, what about a fully category of "ports" with inside a folder for each port where you could add the needed files or something like that?

  • i'm very hapy with my recalbox bartop but is oric1/Atmos planned ? i'm very insterting in that port. Thanks again for the great job

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