Using Recalbox x64 on a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (possible?)

  • Hi guys,

    I have a MS Surface Pro 4 (i5, 8Gb RAM) and wanted to try using Recalbox on it since it would be nice to use the games my RPi can't handle such as N64 or newer ones as PSP or Dreamcast.

    First of all, I discovered that the Surface even having a SD card slot integrated cannot boot from it 😞 but in any case, got some SD Card readers, and tried with one. After burning the X64 img, pluged it in, powered off the Surface and started with Power + Volume Up to access the UEFI and be able to boot from USB.

    When I try to boot from the USB, it restarts and goes back to the UEFI... it doesn't boots Recalbox, so I'm just wondering if it's a hardware limitation or if I'm missing something. Tried to search if someone already tried using Recalbox X64 on a Surface but didn't found anything.

    Any tips? 🙂


  • @ataliano hey !

    Can you disable UEFI secure booting ? or boot in bios legacy mode ?

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