Some suggestions that I think might be good for future development

  • 1. Ability to show current network status in network settings Internet connection: Not connected / Ethernet / Wifi Current IP Address: (optional) Subnet, Mac address, signal strength, channel, etc? 2. Create a setting menu to enable the retroarch rewind feature on supported cores (/recalbox/configs/retroarch/retroarchcustom.cfg ; rewind_enable = true) For example, the below settings is good for an overclocked RPi1. Peoples have a faster RPi2 might want to try rewind on SNES or GBA. REWIND ------------------- NES ON SNES OFF GB/GBC ON GBA OFF SG1000 ON SMS ON GG ON Genesis ON PCEngine ON 3. recalbox.conf Arcade cabinet usually don't have labels on their buttons, I don't want my guests accidentally pressed button X to launch kodi.. ## Launch kodi by X Button ;kodi_by_xbutton=1 ## Disable update autocheck at startup ;disable_update_check=1 4. PC-Engine/TurboGrafx artwork confusion Since the rom share folder is called pcengine, why don't we use right artwork in emustation to reduce confusion? (/root/.emulationstation/themes/simplesvgs/pcengine/art/pce.svg for background and logo) 5. xbmc share folders? share/roms/xbmc/video share/roms/xbmc/music share/roms/xbmc/pictures Love this project, please keep it going strong 🙂

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    There are some good ideas here. Don't hesitate to create issues for theme on github, it will help me settings priorities over them.

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