Trouble booting with Odroid XU4

  • Hi fellas, recently got myself an XU4 for my recalbox setup. I've flashed it to an SD card using etcher however I'm having some trouble booting up. The Christmas splash screen plays then the power cuts and it trys booting again. It loops like this constantly and will sometimes get to ES menu but freeze after a few seconds. I am using the 5V power supply provided with the XU4 and was worried that this is the reason, but the LEDs on the board seem okay (Blue flashing and Solid red light). I was also thinking it was a problem with my SD card but I have tried with multiple SD cards and get the same issue. Do I need a bigger PSU? Or has something gone wrong somewhere else? Thanks guys!

  • @anonpebbles on the 1st boot it creates the data partition. And if this fails, it's in RAM. You never reach the loading of emulationstation ?

  • @substring I have reached es a couple of times but it just freezes after a couple of seconds

  • @substring When I am mounting to an SD card, what files should I see? I see these four files
    is the image writing correctly?

  • @anonpebbles you should have 3 partitions, at least. What you mebtiin is the 1st partition used for boot. If you ever reach es, try to make a support archive. Otherwise you may have to laje an img of your sd, upload it si that i can check some logs. But insee no reason why it would reboot

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