Problem with TV resolution on startup

  • Hi all,

    I made an arcade machine with rpi3 and recalbox.

    The problme is that i use a switch to turn on all the arcade (tv and rpi3) at the same time. And the first time i have 640x480 resolution, if i reboot (without turning off the power) it boot with the right hd resolution

    As i understund the problem is that when rpi3 boot ask the resolution to the tv (which is turning on) it doesn't have response and it use the low resolution.

    So what should i do? change the recalbox.conf to force a hd resolution? or is there some kind of delay that i colud configure to the rpi3 turn on?


  • @cagiraudo Regarde notamment le bootcode_delay

    Autre solution plus chouette : tu peux lire l'EDID de ta TV, le sauver et le forcer au boot. Ce qui est bcp plus sexy, mais te limite à ta TV

  • Thanks Substring, worked perfect!

  • @cagiraudo why on Earth have I answered in French ... Which solution have you set ? the EDID one ?

  • @substring said in Problem with TV resolution on startup:


    The only solution i understood, the bootcode_delay. I don't catch a word in french :P

  • @cagiraudo ok let me explain it in english, sorry

    The bootcode_delay adds a delay before the pi queries the tv's EDID. That's fine

    If your pi never moves off your tv, then you can record the tv edid and force it at boot

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