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  • I have searched all over this forum along with the internet and I cannot find a way to have recalbox recognize my roms. Can someone please tell me where they need to go?   Thank you.

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  • hi. still confused: where's the roms folder. in the mentioned link there's only "Just copy the files in the corresponding folder. You can use either .zip files or uncompressed roms.", but which is the actual folder? in my root directory I have only: - default - os os folder has 2 subfolders (recalbox-rpi 1 and recalbox-rpi 2)

  • you have your SD card in your computer. It doesn't work that way. You have to put the SD card in the Raspberry Pi and boot it up. Make sure the Pi is connected to your PC's network. Once it boots, go to your PC and open an explorer window. Type in this path:  \recalbox  and them press enter. You PC will talk to the shared directory on the Raspberry Pi which includes the folders: bios, roms, saves, screenshots, system and three more for kodi media center. In the roms folder you will find folders named for each supported system: atari2600, gb, mame, neogeo, etc... Place your roms for a particular system in the appropriate folder either in ZIP format or uncompressed.   Bottom line is, you CAN NOT add roms directly to the SD card from your PC. You must boot your recalbox while network connected and follow the steps above - or for larger roms use the free program WinSCP to remote in to the recalbox similar to how you would FTP in to a remote file server. Instructions for that preferred method for large roms (sega CD / PSX / etc) are here: Network Access with WinSCP   Hope that helps explain things a bit more clear.     Eric

  • @eyeandroid I've been looking for this for the past couple of days. It is indeed possible, and I'm replying because this is the top result when searching for ROM directories.

    The path is: /media/pi/share/roms

    You right click that folder, and open it in terminal. Next you type

    Sudo chown -R pi:pi /media/pi/share/roms

    Then you can move the roms to the appropriate folders.

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    this post is very very old, please don't up.
    your information is older and wrong.

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