How do you actually use the virtual C64 keyboard?

  • Hi all,
    Catching up on the C64, Amiga and Sharp x68000 additions!

    I can load up a few random tape and disk images for the C64, and can bring up the virtual keyboard on screen (to exit crack intro's etc), but how the heck do you actually use it?
    I read elsewhere that there is a bug in it and once you bring it up on screen, you need to then press "select" (xbox 360 controller in use) and use the left analogue thumbpad, but this does nothing.
    Any help would be appreciated - Ive tried every key combo I can think of !

  • Well, Ive done another install just to be sure, and it appears to be the same as before, so it looks as if the virtual keyboard is "broken", or at least, it does not recognise joypad input (xbox 360 wired), making playing most games with a joypad only, impossible - how do you raise this issue guys?


  • @Substring @RustyMG
    New to this site - use to use B........ but decided to try Recalbox and am glad I did 🙂

    I too have this same issue.
    I can bring up the virtual keyboard, but cant move to highlight any key.
    The virtual keyboard on the Amstrad and ZX Spectrum work perfectly - its just this one.
    Anyone any suggestions?

  • Banned

    @eightiesgamer @RustyMG didn't try C64 yet but emulators for computers are regularly broken regarding virtual keyboard and/or GUI from release to release :s

  • @rustymg @EightiesGamer


    I tried with my DS3 Controller now, check the following:

    • Start a Game
    • press y to enter the virtual keyboard
    • press select to switch to mouse
    • play around with up and left analog/digital pad (in my case after a few seconds the mouse is showing)
    • try to use the virtual keyboard

    When it doesn`t work:

    • press startto enter the gui menu
    • deactivate the RetroJoy onoption and quit the gui by pressing Resume button
    • now enter again the virtual keyboard and try again

  • @abunille Going to try this later today hopefully! Thank you so much.

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