Transfer Roms from Smartphone to Recalbox?

  • Hear me out... I've been kicking around this idea most of the day now. Is it possible to transfer your legal rom files from your smartphone to Recaclbox (Raspberry Pi) ??

    I haven't been apart of the emulation scene for quite some time now (since mid 2000's). I used to have a softmodded Xbox back in the day and it was a rather complicated process of getting your perfectly legal backups onto your console (back then).

    I heard something about logging into your Pi system via a webpage as long as your on the same network? and from there you can transfer files?? Maybe someone can help me finish my thought here.... but couldn't you use the wifi hotspot function on your smartphone to set up a network, use your Pi to connect to it, then transfer files from that webpage or whatever via your smartphone???

    Or is there a function already in Recalbox that allows you to do something like this?

    I know this might be a dumb question and you might be thinking... who doesn't have wifi or a computer these days??... but I am thinking of those spur of the moment decisions where someone recommends a game right then and there and they just so happen to have a legal backup on their phone...

  • you can transfer files via wifi. type in the recalbox address ( starts with 192. something) you can access the shared folders and copy files to the correct one, but only if they're under 250mb

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    @joemama57 Hi,

    Just connect your smarphone on the same network, then use an app to transfer roms over Samba or SFTP.

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    I just installed a theme (same thing for roms) from smartphone without boring wifi hotspot or anything, just use android and ES explorer, as previously answered.

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