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  • Good morning, I thought I would try recalbox on my monitor using a HDMI to DVI cable. It works fine when using OSMC but Recalbox does something different when booting up. I get the RPI 2 rainbow box fine, I get the recovery screen, but as soon as it boots into recalbox the resolution changes and my monitor can't handle it. Is there anywhere you can change the resolution? Is recalbox supposed to auto configure to the display? Is there a 'desktop mode' like you have in XBMC/Kodi? Kindest regards, Nick

  • Have you used the 3.2.5 beta or 3.2.4 version?

  • Team

    Hi, Remove hdmi_drive=2 line in config.txt ;)

  • Team

    I added it in the manual Maybe i should create a dedicated page for troubelshooting.

  • Thank for your help. I tried messing about with the config.txt file but not sure I tried that. Was using 3.2.3 at the time. Upgraded to 3.2.4 this morning so will give it another go but will definitely be trying out the beta later today. Cheers

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