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Nes30 Pro Controller / Unable to Configure Buttons

  • Hello i will get this Topic stray to the point.
    I bought a Nes30 Pro controller for my Raspberry PI3 in combination with Recalbox everything works fine the connection with Bluetooth the respond.
    My Problem is i can´t Configure the Buttons i´ll tried it a 100th time, all buttons set try to press A to continue and nothing happens..... Only B Works and everything is back to basic....( I can´t even quit a game with this game-pad because the there is no Hotbutton set)

    I tested the controller on my PC and Smartphone all Buttons work Fine.

    Thank you @OyyoDams for Helping me out with this issue 😃

    (Sorry if my english isn´t that good i´m not a native english Speaker)

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    @kollech87 Hey,

    Did you take a look on the wiki page ?

    You should try to reset your pad (hold start for 8 seconds), forget pads in Emulation Station, and start over association and configuration.

    If you still have issues, please make a support archive. For that, go to the web interface of Recalbox with a browser, support section, execute the support script, and paste the link here.

  • @oyyodams
    After a firmware update on the nes30 pro, and reseting the controller like you said everything works fine.
    But now I can't use it with Bluetooth anymore...
    but that's just fine I'm just happy to use the nes30 finally.

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    @kollech87 what dou you mean by "I can't use it with Bluetooth anymore" ?

  • @oyyodams
    After i updated the controller, i tried to connect him with the recalbox and it does not work, I'll tried the trick you told me with reseting it to default connected my Xbox controller for setup the Bluetooth connection, i erased the old connection to avoid problems. But it does not work anymore =(
    With cable connection everything is fine.

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    @kollech87 I don't understand why you're now speaking about your Xbox controller. So what is your setup exactly ?

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