Recalbox 7.0

FC30 via Bluetooth works on EmulationStation, not in emulators

  • Hi, I'm trying to use Recalbox and with v.3.3 I've been able to pair the FC30 via bluetooth with "Start+B+R" but EmulationStation recognises it as a Keyboard... I really wouldn't mind, but when I load a SNES game or SMS or any game which launches Retroarch (I suppose it uses retroarch) the game loads but I'm not able to use my "keyboard", it simply doesn't work... How can I configure it? Doesn't recalbox recognise the FC30 as what it really is? Thanks everyone and regards!

  • Well, just an update... Two of the buttons, the "left" of the pad and Select "do something", so I guess there's a way to "remap" the correct keys on RetroArch... On EmulationStation/Recalbox is really easy to set up, why's so complicated on the emulators? Or the idea is the pad should work easily on both ES and the emulators? I'm a little newbie, I know... Thanks!

  • Third update... with new driver 2.63 now in emulation station is recongised a "Standard Bluetooth Controller", and the D-pad works as expected on RetroArch, but the buttons seems misconfigured...

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    Hi daniel, sorry, i have only the fc30 pro gamepad and i doesn't have this problems :s. But do you have try to start your gamepad with START + R and no START + R + B ? One french user say i have a problem with the last update (3.63)... That work better with the 3.62... DigitaLumberjack work on this pad and give us a new update for better support in the next release of recalbox...

  • Hi Reivaax, the last time with driver 2.62 & 2.63 I started with "Start + R" and it appears as another device but anyway I pair it to recalbox, and in the menus it works as expected... In retroarch, only the arrows, no buttons... Is some kind of tool for Retroarch similar to the one which has recalbox on the ES to configure how the buttons are used in each emulator? I tried Jstest and the pad even on the terminal "responses" to each button so I suppose is just say "_B is this one, X this, START this on_e"...

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