ACGAM Red Spider Bluetooth Controller (AG-9055) in recalbox 4.1controller settings does not save after restart

  • greetings from germany 🙂

    at first the hardware and software information:
    main hardware: Raspberry pi 2 B
    bluetooth dongle: CSL - V4.0 USB nano Bluetooth Adapter avec DEL Class 4.0
    OS: recalbox 4.1 with latest updates (stable)
    gamepad: ACGAM Red Spider Bluetooth Controller (AG-9055) -- similar to the Ipega PG-9055 controller?

    the situation:
    i copied the "99-joysticks-exotics.rules" from here
    to my

    after that, the controller was successfully paired as a gamecontroller with the mac address (aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff AG-9055).
    i configured the controller also successfully and completly with all buttons. then the controller function was perfectly when i defiend it at (input p1) as "#0 AG-9055" at the menu point "controller settings" .

    and now the problem:
    the controller settings will not be saved when the recalbox was shut down or restarted.

    additional information:
    in the "recalbox.conf" , the input driver was set to this:

    Set retroarch input driver (auto, udev, sdl2)
    If you don't have issues with your controllers, let auto

    any other options (auto or udev) make the controller not working as requested / defiend . for example in the snes emulator.

  • @leif you mean it lost the configuration done inside es ?

  • @substring yes, if I do a reboot of the raspberry, all controller settings (configuration) are lost and I have to set up the controller again in the emulation station.

  • @leif how do you shutdown your Recalbox ?

  • @substring problem solved 🙂 after a reboot I just had to hold down the "home + x" buttons. classical user error 🙂 but, thank you for your helpfulness 🙂

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