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Settings are not being saved.

  • Dear Recalbox team,

    I just installed RecalBox 17.12.02 on a completely new Raspberry Pi 3 and after booting I can't save any settings in the main menu of RecalBox. Everything I set gets lost after a reboot.

    Also noticed that the "Storage" of my SD Card (original Samsung, shipped with RBPi3) gets displayed as a red "N/A".

    Next to that my original XBOX controller seems to get mapped wrongly. All the keys have a different meaning. I would remap it but the first problem doesn't allow me to handle this. I can't use Recalbox 17.12.02 as of now 😞

    Even the webbrowser configuration doesn't work, it always says "Ein Fehler trat während des Speicherns der Konfiguration auf."

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    Samsung sdcard is bad for raspberry. It s not recommanded for recalbox.
    Use scandisk sdcard

  • Sorry for the trouble, it's a Sandisk, no idea why I wrote Samsung. It's the original Sandisk that is packaged with the Raspberry Pi 3 bundle.

    Something else I just noticed: After I connected to WiFi, I copied some romes to the /share/roms/snes folder and removed the classic Donkey Kong rom. Then I restarted the Raspberry Pi 3.

    Guess what? My roms have been deleted and the Donkey Kong Classic file has been back there even though I can definitely say I copied the other ones and removed the classic one (did it twice, just to be sure).

    It seems that booting the Recalbox always resets the whole system, even the file system. What did I wrong?!

  • Reinstall solved the problem, sorry for bothering - brilliant work on the program so far 🙂

  • Hello,
    I too have the problem that neither of my settings are being saved.
    Firstly, I installed Recalbox via official Raspberry Pi Micro SD card via Wifi. When this did not work, I installed the version recalboxOS-4.1.0 manually. Both systems seem to have the issue.
    With both versions, I configured a USB fight stick controller and the Wifi settings via keyboard. Upon restarting the Pi, all settings I made seems to be reset.
    Does anyone know, what I can do?

  • I didn't quite manage to fix the issue, but at least to overcome it. Let me explain: originally, I downloaded the Recalbox OS v4.1.0 from This version has the issue with not being able to save the settings. This version is installed by simply copying a bunch of files to the SD card and letting the RPi boot.

    But then, I discovered the version 17.12.02 of Recalbox, that I downloaded from This is an image (img.xz) file, that I installed using the Etcher software (as mentioned on the download page) on the SD card. This version of Recalbox seems to do the trick and I was able to enter several settings that were still set after rebooting the RPi.

    I hope, this helps everyone with the same problem.

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