No roms start after 17.12.02 upgrade

  • Hi,

    I was on 4.0.2 and did the upgrade to 17.12.02...

    Now roms start and return to menu after few second.

    I've try to downgrade to 4.0.2 and roms works normally.

    I've try to enable/disable overscan, change resolution, set default for videomode etc...

    I've try a fresh install but roms start one time (With black and white stripes on screen) and after no roms works.

    Help please ! It's a bartop with 4/3 screen with HDMI/VGA. Audio in jack port and GPIO 2 players controllers

  • rom on usb ?
    maybe your usb devoce is corrupt. Plug it on your PC an try a repair.

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    @Teddy-Toussaint I had the same issue. For me a simple restart after the update was the solution.

  • Themer

    @lackyluuk @rockaddicted @Teddy-Toussaint

    I had the same luck, my roms in hdd were not working, I changed the recalbox.conf the global.videomode to global.videomode=default and it was solved

  • Hi guys,

    Thanks for your answers.

    All my roms are in sd card 32gb sandisk.

    Try with another new 16gb and its the same with a fresh install. Roms already in the recalbox image start only once ( with stripes on the screen and i can hear the sound if the game) and after no one work.

    I've try to reboot and put default to videomode and it not work...

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